5 Reasons Why Everyone in Hospitality Should Watch Patriots Day

1. Terrorism kills our business.

We are targets and can’t be passive anymore and must fight back.

2. Security is an Innovation Priority.

Surveillance is key to a fast response. Hotels, restaurants and nightclubs need better systems and new strategies to stop terrorism and manage crises.

3. Patriots Day demonstrates grassroots engagement beats homegrown terrorism.

Our employees, guests and communities are the key allies in the war against this type of terrorism.

4. “Boston Strong” proved the American spirit, resilience and diversity is our greatest source of strength.

5. There are great performances.

The casting, acting and story telling is outstanding. It showed that “Boston Strong” is personal for Mark Wahlberg. Kevin Bacon and John Goodman were also terrific.

Given recent events, this is an important movie and everyone in our industry should watch and ask what we can do better individually and together as an industry to achieve perfect security in our communities. And there is definitely a lot more we can do to make our properties and communities safer, not just from Islamic terrorism but all security risks.

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