Mogul Hospitality’s developed a talent engine to address the talent crisis in the hospitality and service industries with three differentiators:

  • AI-driven technologies by MogulRecruiter help employers build a diverse, elite workforce.
  • Data analytics and business intelligence address talent and DEI.
  • Employee-owned ESG Mogul Hotels and residences.

Alexander has over 25 years as a management consultant and C-suite hospitality executive at brands including Starwood, Hilton, and Caesars. He created Mogul Hospitality with a mission to address talent in the hospitality industry through data science and artificial intelligence.
A visionary entrepreneur, Alex founded Cachet Hospitality in Shanghai and opened properties in China, Southeast Asia, and North America.
Alex has a Harvard MBA, and a BA and master’s from Queen’s University at Kingston.

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Master of Business Administration – Harvard Business School, McArthur Canadian Fellowship – 1997