KiwiTech, LLC, and MogulRecruiter as partners announce the launch of the elite talent marketplace, starting with the 300 million-person hospitality industry


MogulRecruitera selective platform featuring Moguls, an elite talent that is customer-driven, brand ambassadors and community leaders, has entered into a partnership with KiwiTech to build an AI-driven platform that automates hiring and improves retention.

“MogulRecruiter is part of a comprehensive SAAS solution that empowers talent, from supervisors to CEOs, to realize their full potential. It is the Ivy League of service talent and accelerates meritocracy with artificial intelligence, recruiting, training and development,” said Alexander Mirza, Founder, and CEO of MogulRecruiter.

MogulRecruiter’s hospitality-specific categorical search engine and assessments meet the unique requirements of hospitality brands, management companies, and owners.

MogulRecruiter’s innovations include:

  • Elite/Top 10% Talent. It features Moguls as vetted by a team of HR professionals, recruiters and validated job family specific assessments.
  • Hospitality-Specific Categorical Matching System. Employers create jobs using a categorical search engine and matches are automatically generated.
  • Market Right Compensation. Employers engage candidates within 48 hours of a match after sharing job-specific compensation, benefits, and incentives.
  • Data Privacy and Messaging. The platform leverages encrypted messaging with no selling of data or advertising