Moguls of Hospitality: Talent, Diversity & Innovation in a Turbulent Market” Ebook By Alexander Mirza, CEO and Founder of Mogul Hospitality

The book provides a fresh perspective with respect to talent management in the hospitality industry and calls for CEOs to transform the global HR function and reduce dependency on legacy technologies. The author, CEO of a venture-backed hospitality tech company, shares research findings of the company’s data scientists, who developed algorithms to rank and appraise elite talent employed in over 10,000 hotel properties.

The book also discloses the results of a trailblazing methodology for benchmarking the relative quality of talent and diversity of the top 100 hotel brands, management companies, owners and operators. It calls for innovative processes and a data science-driven approach to recruiting, training, and managing elite talent enabled by big data, virtual reality, and experiential learning. These findings and recommendations demonstrate the critical significance of building a tech-enabled HRM capability as the basis for competitive advantage in the hospitality industry.