Alexander Mirza

Alexander is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mogul Hospitality, a venture backed ESG company whose mission is to perfect meritocracy and accelerate diversity. Its HR tech solutions, led by MogulRecruiter, match diverse talent with employers and provide data analytics and business intelligence. Mogul’s engine powers MogulRecruiter, the first global talent marketplace that ranks and matches elite candidates and employers in hospitality and service industries. Mogul’s additional applications include StayMogul, a property booking platform with over 700 properties hosted by diverse talent, and Mogul hotels and residences, a sustainable, work-live brand featuring modular construction and food and beverage farmed on site.


Alexander has over 25 years of experience as a management consultant and C-suite hospitality executive at leading brands including Starwood, Hilton, and Caesars. He created Mogul Hospitality with a mission to address talent in the hospitality industry through data science and artificial intelligence.

As a management consultant, Alex led scientists in Shell’s Gamechanger Program and generated $3 billion of new businesses addressing climate change. He advised CEOs, Heads of State, and the Davos World Economic Forum.

Afterward, Alex joined Starwood as head of strategic planning, reporting to the CEO and the CFO. He led high profile projects including corporate strategy for the board of directors. He was subsequently the SVP of corporate development at Hilton and the SVP of Hospitality at Caesars Entertainment where he reported to the CEO and Chairman.

In 2012, Alex founded Cachet Hospitality in Shanghai. Under his leadership as CEO, Cachet opened properties in China, Southeast Asia, and North America, received design awards, raised four rounds of capital, and Cachet was recognized as “Asia’s Up and Coming Management Team.”


Alex received his MBA from Harvard Business School and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and a master’s degree from Queen’s University at Kingston, where he was an Aga Khan Foundation Scholar. He was recognized as Canada’s “Top 40 under 40” and awarded Toronto’s Mayor Volunteer Creed.


Alex was raised in Toronto, Canada where he was awarded the Mayor’s Volunteer Creed in 1992 for his work integrating new immigrant communities

When he was SVP of Corporate Development at Hilton Worldwide, Alex was recognized as one of the top 10 international Canadian executives by Canadian business magazine in 2006, along with Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation Entertainment.