KiwiTech LLC, today announced a strategic partnership with StayMogul, a hospitality marketplace that humanizes travel with a social cause.



StayMogul is a customer service search engine powered by people that features lifestyle and luxury hotels, alternative accommodations, events, and workspaces.

StayMogul’s search engine provides consumers insight into who they are staying with and celebrates the human stories of service leaders, the Moguls of hospitality. It provides consumers the tools to curate their stay based on service styles, ranging from private and discreet to social and fun. Consumers can also enlist, review and compensate the most talented employees, or Moguls, who showcase their talents.

“Customer loyalty towards Airbnb hosts and Peloton instructors prove that people don’t just build brands, people are the brands. StayMogul provides customers insight into not just what, but who they are getting and enables them to recognize and reward service leaders in hospitality,” said Alexander Mirza, CEO, and Founder of StayMogul.

StayMogul’s marketing of people as the new media promises to attract talent into the industry and generate direct bookings for hospitality operators. As part of its social cause, StayMogul will share a portion of the booking commissions will employees in the properties and venues.

The founders, who are former hotel CEOs, CMOS and CTOs have partnered with KiwiTech, an accelerator and technology services company to develop the platform. “We are proud to partner with StayMogul to curate the hospitality experience and address the inequality gap by rewarding employees that deliver great service,” said Rakesh Gupta, CEO of KiwiTech, a leading sponsor of minority and women-led startups.

The Los Angeles based venture has raised seed capital from high net worth family offices in the U.S. and the Middle East led by Ziad Al Hazmi, Arif Rahim and KiwiTech. “We look forward to rolling out StayMogul around the globe and believe its innovative platform is extendable to other industries,” said Ziad Al Hazmi.


StayMogul is a B2C hospitality marketplace for consumers who care deeply about customer service. It provides a customer service search engine for hotels and alternative accommodations, enabling guests to identify and recognize individual employees, the Moguls. The platform enables the Moguls to be the new media, promote their properties and curate customer experiences. For more information, see


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